Nazis terrorize Charlottesville AGAIN. Police do worse than nothing…AGAIN.

Dowdy Dickie Spencer’s latest charm offensive in Charlottesville was a cowardly flop. They had what — three, four dozen people, max? — and were so scared of backlash that they required a police escort. Which they got.

Now, you can ignore the Young Turks’ commentary (which is mostly just sideways comedic riffing anyhow), and focus on what the Fashy Haircut in the Rumpled Suit actually said. I strongly advise that, because it’s mind-boggling. He seriously thinks that white people are being “replaced” in a land that they “built”.


You did not build that country. Your filthy rich cotton-pickin’ ancestors didn’t build it either. They stole the land from its indigenous peoples, and then the lazy bums imported a bunch of slaves from Africa, as well as indentured servants from the British Isles, to do all the grunt-work for them. The latter stood a chance of gaining freedom once their indentures expired, and being white, were regarded and treated somewhat better than the former. You know who really built that country whose shitty monuments you’re turning out to “defend” from imaginary communists now? BLACK AFRICAN SLAVES. And to a lesser extent, but still worth mentioning, POOR WHITE BRITONS. And later on, IMMIGRANTS. They did it with overseers cracking the whip and bosses bossing them. Every brick and stone of it was laid under duress by oppressed and dispossessed people who had to scrape and struggle for their very existence in ways that you and your polo-shirted prep-school bozos can’t even begin to imagine.

Even more ludicrous, though, is Dowdy Dickie’s claim that “we came in peace” on a couple of occasions. Notice how he studiously omitted the events of August 12, when the fash-brigade and their hooded-sheet brethren most definitely did NOT come in peace. Remember this?

Yeah, that happened. And so did this:

DeAndre Harris was brutally beaten, and Heather Heyer run over and dragged to her death. All by RACIST WHITE FASCIST THUGS.

But while Dickie and his Dick Brigade are out there claiming to be just trying to “take back their country” from some imaginary Jewish Bolshevist mob trying to “replace” them (with WHOM?), here’s the truth, courtesy of Shaun King, who was there to report on it all as it went down:

I want to be clear on something. I’ve watched every single video, and have seen every single photo, taken that day from Charlottesville. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching it, moment by moment, block by block, person by person. DeAndre Harris and Heather Heyer were actually from Charlottesville. They showed up that Saturday in their hometown to stand up for their city and to show the hundreds of bigots who traveled there from all over the country to terrorize Charlottesville that it was not OK with them.

Did you get that? DeAndre and Heather were both from Charlottesville. They were locals. How ironic is that? They were defending their town from the “alt-right” thugs, who most certainly did NOT come in peace, but who came to take it over and force their white-supremacist ideology down everyone else’s throat.

And yet, the thugs are casting them and others like them as villains. So are the media. And so, most disgracefully, is Jeff Beauregard Sessions, and his Justice Department. The FBI have decided that Antifa (which is simply short for “antifascists”, something every decent person should be anyhow) and “black identity extremists”, whatever those are, are the real threats.

It’s getting harder to tell the cops from the robbers these days, especially since the two are so often in cahoots. But then again, what else does one expect in the US of Amnesia, where the police forces all started out as slave patrols? That’s right, their original job was making sure that the biggest, richest, thuggiest land-thieves didn’t lose any of the human assets they had spent so much money to drag all the way across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa, and spent so much time trying to domesticate like draft-animals. If you’re wondering why so many cops are Klukers and neo-Nazis and “alt”-righturds, wonder no more. The police were lousy with them from the very outset. Don’t expect that to change anytime soon, especially not under Donnie Drumpf, who has emboldened the worst…and the disgraceful Charlottesville police, who are aiding and abetting them. And that’s not to say they aren’t actual members of the same detestable mob.

This is why Heather Heyer had to die undefended, while DeAndre Harris is now being wrongly charged, in retaliation, for raising a hand to stop some white supremacist thugs who were trying to stab his friend. The real defenders of Charlottesville — and those who accurately understand its history — are being dragged under the wheels yet again.

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