Say WHAT, Dubya?

Holy shit. Look who broke his lengthy silence to dis Donnie Drumpf without even saying his name:

Honestly, it’s a cold day in Hades when Dubya starts to actually sound somewhat smart, if only in comparison to someone else, ahem. When the fuck did this guy get so woke? If I recall correctly, Dubya only ever got into office himself by bullying, bigotry, vote theft, and oh yeah, DISENFRANCHISEMENT OF MINORITY VOTERS. Remember this?

Yeah. That happened.

If not for Dubya and his original bad precedent, would Donnie have stood a chance? HELL NO. That’s what makes this so truly stunning. Donnie has actually outdone Dubya for stupidity and the harnessing of Hardcore Stupid bigotry for political ends. And he didn’t even need a 9-11 incident to solidify his grip on power.

And THAT is fucking terrifying.

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