Young Turks reporter and camera operator arrested in St. Louis

This happened last night. Jordan Chariton (reporter) and Ty Bayliss (videographer) were arrested by St. Louis police, apparently for filming them during a Black Lives Matter protest in the city. (For context, the protest is one of several following the acquittal of Jason Stockley, an officer who intentionally killed a black suspect, Anthony Lamar Smith, in 2011 during a police chase, in which a gun and drugs were planted in the victim’s car by the arresting officers.)

The video speaks for itself: Nobody protesting was the least bit violent. This was strictly a show of force by the cops, right in line with the cops shouting “Whose streets? OUR streets” when they kettled a group of demonstrators on September 18. The last minute or so is without sound, as the mikes were turned off, but the camera kept rolling.

Here’s a follow-up after the journalists’ release from jail today:

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