Dumbest protest ever, courtesy of pedo-apologists

Yes, that’s right, folks, the Hardcore Stupid in the US of Amnesia are out there smashing their Keurig coffee machines. Why? Because they think that by standing up for a child molester who has all kinds of icky eyes for under-age girls, they’ll somehow piss off the liberals and the much more leftist likes of me.

Actually, I’m just amused as fuck by all this. Not least because (a) I’m a tea drinker. Have been for years. I don’t drink coffee more than once in a very blue moon. My heart, nerves and stomach all hate it, even if my taste buds don’t. Coffee just turns my innards into a writhing nopetopus of NOPE. And (b) even if I did drink a lot of coffee, I sure as hell wouldn’t bother with a single-serving pod machine, because what coffee lover only wants one cup per brewing? Oh, and (c) those pods only end up in garbage dumps, being neither recyclable nor biodegradable. Bad bargain!

I’ve never owned a Keurig, or wanted to. I’m not a bit bothered by their no longer advertising on the Baby Jesus’s shitshow, either, because that show’s even worse than unrecyclable coffee crap.

So no, I’m not a bit “triggered” by seeing all these bozos smashing theirs. Hell, it’s THEIR fistful of dollars that’s getting thrown off a balcony, hit with a golf club by some geezer with a “wide stance” (!), or sledgehammered by someone whose fashion sense is obviously as poor as his sense of economy and ecology. Not mine.

The only thing this whole spectacle triggers in me is an unholy urge to laugh my ass off at how stupid they all are. These are, after all, the same people who think that “rolling coal” is somehow going to get to the likes of me, as though their own lungs weren’t going to suffer that much more for having to breathe in their own stupid smoke.

Hey, whatever happened to all those righturds who wanted Hillary Clinton strung up over an imaginary pedophile ring operating out of a pizza joint that didn’t even have a basement, much less a sex dungeon in it? Whatever happened to all those “concerned Christian parents” (note the quotes, there for a reason) who wanted to protect their hapless daughters from an imaginary army of trans women barging into public ladies’ rooms and pulling their pants down in front of everyone? Why are they suddenly so silent about this gross old geezer and his dirty “jokes” that denigrate all grown-ass women, including his long-suffering wife, who went so far as to forge a letter from 50 preachers to stick up for him?

And bear in mind, too, that this is all happening against a backdrop of a sixth woman coming forward to say ol’ Roy groped her at the courthouse, and that even the local shopping mall had to bar him because he was just such a blatant and persistent pest whenever high school girls were bopping around.

I can only conclude that these morons are quite all right with some DA (that’s short for Dickish Abuser, kiddies) using his position to pick on underage girls and “date” them…with their mamas’ “permission”, of course.

Stupid fucking hypocrites, please pwn yourselves some more. And please, DO film yourselves at it, because we could all use the comic relief.

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