Sam Seder under attack by “alt”-right rape apologist thugs

A few things here worth noting:

Sam has since deleted his “disgusting” tweet, which was obviously typed in a mood of extreme sarcasm. Obviously, there is no way he would ever offer up his daughter to ANY pervert, however talented a film director (as in the case of Roman Polanski). Sarcasm is hard to convey over the Internet, unless somebody comes up with a special font for it. (I suggest one dripping blood, or snot.)

Also, Mike Cernovich, one of the ringleaders of the anti-Seder brigade, is a self-admitted rapist (albeit a very weaselly one, with a predictably narrow “definition” of rape that magically absolves him of all wrongdoing). There are numerous entries on his old pickup-“artistry” blog detailing how he forced himself on women who didn’t, in fact, want him. He has even admitted to “abusing a girl” (his own words!) and then saving all her texts…presumably as “evidence” that he didn’t really abuse her. His definition of “sex” is awfully hard to tell apart from rape; I’d even argue that it’s a distinction with no difference. He even peddled his “seduction secrets” to paying customers, though not too profitably (since he was forced to peddle magic virility juice, also not too profitably, on the side).

As for “Dr.” Sebastian Gorka, we already know who he is, and just how credible any accusation coming from him is. No doubt he has motives of his own for going after Sam Seder, including the fact that Sam has ridiculed him frequently and effectively on his show. And Juicebro Cernovich, too. They’ve both come in for a lot of ridicule with Sam’s show.

Gee, you don’t suppose that’s the real reason behind this harassment campaign, do you?

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