Young Turks fire Jordan Chariton

The other day, a Facebook group I’m in posted this, in which investigative reporter Jordan Chariton let slip that he was fired from the Young Turks, but would not say exactly why. Well, today I finally learned why, and it’s a shocker. Here’s Cenk Uygur with what details (not all, obviously) he could go into on the matter:

So there you have it. Sexual harassment, assault and a lot of other inappropriate behind-the-scenes shit (admitted to right here, initially presented as “consensual”, but a few paragraphs later as part of some ghastly female “takedown conspiracy”) that shouldn’t be happening.

And people wonder why there are so few women in investigative journalism? THAT’s why. Doesn’t matter what political stripe a man is, they ALL benefit from male privilege and sexism. And abuse of female underlings is one of the many fringe benefits these guys enjoy. This has to end.

The women, though? Clearly, they’re NOT enjoying this. And when they speak out, they get tarred as “conspirators”. For talking. To each other, or to the higher-ups, or both. This, too, has to end.

It’s a pity this had to happen to a guy who did good work reporting on Flint and DAPL, but if this is how he actually comported himself when the cameras were no longer rolling, then good riddance. Industries have to purge themselves of destructive elements all the time, and journalism is no exception. There are a lot of shitty media men out there, who show a talented face to the world and quite another behind closed doors.

There’s no shortage of others who are just as good, and who won’t pull grotty shenanigans on every woman they run across — or ANY woman. Time to give the good ones their shot, and the bad ones the sack. Yes, even the so-called progressives who act in mighty unprogressive ways when they think no one’s looking. Because there’s no shortage of THEM, either.

Don’t let the door hit you where your mama done split you, dude.

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