“Alt”-right anti-SJWs try to ruin Star Wars, fail epically

Trolls trying to pre-emptively ruin the latest Star Wars film by leaving bad reviews before they’ve even had a chance to see it, based on shit they read on the internet that’s got their underoos in an uproar? Yup. Business as usual in Nazilandia.

Hey, all you SJW-hating trollboys out there who only want to see heroic he-man white guys beating everyone else up: Did you even WATCH the original Star Wars trilogy? Because I grew up on it…and I can tell you that not only was it diverse from the start (holy shit, ALIEN RACES! BILLY DEE WILLIAMS! and ROBOTS! OH MY!!!), but it was also a level playing field for women (as the guys above note, Leia’s the biggest and truest hero in it, aliens and robots and Billy Dee Williams notwithstanding). So there’s nothing there to “ruin”. The latest episodes just reiterate what’s been going on from the start.

And what’s more, it was all in George Lucas’s original vision for the series. He never thought that white guys should get all the glory, and in fact thought the whole idea damn repulsive. Why do you think the Empire and its stormtroopers are all so clonish, eh? Because conformity and blind obedience are the hallmarks of evil, that’s why. And why else would a band of obvious misfits (a displaced orphan, his long-lost twin sister, a hairy sasquatch, some robots, a little green guy, an elderly ghost, and a smuggling smart-ass) be the heroes?

In short, fashboys, and as usual: Your arguments are invalid. See the movie, or don’t, but stop your whiny-ass kvetching on the forums. No one cares what you want. Because that galaxy far, far away is bigger than any of you OR your pathetic dreams of Tru White He-roism™. You are not the only fucking moviegoers in the world.

Deal with it.

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