Evo praises Venezuelan election, slams Honduran farce

Oh, that Evo. Never could keep his mouth shut…or his tweeter quiet. Just look what he’s been saying about the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship…and no, it’s not who you in the US have been conditioned to think it is:

Bolivian president Evo Morales pointed out the clarity of the municipal elections in Venezuela, which were categorized as free and transparent by Venezuelan electoral authorities, on Monday, compared to the electoral fraud in Honduras in favor of incumbent Juan Orlando Hernández.

“In anti-imperialist countries, they have the election results in less than 24 hours, as yesterday in Venezuela. In countries under imperial rule, as in Honduras, two weeks pass, there are no results, and the people keep hoping that the vote won’t be kept secret from them,” wrote Morales on his Twitter account.

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) swept the municipal elections on Sunday, whereas in Honduras, there are indications of electoral fraud and abuse of power in the presidential elections of November 26.

“The fraud in Honduras, with the complicity of the Secretary-General of the OAS and its electoral mission chief and heir of the dictatorship, is the most evident proof that the empire has no use for sovereign peoples, but submissive governments,” added the Bolivian president.

In recent days, Honduran presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla called upon the international community to create a special tribunal to solve the grave political crisis Honduras has gone through following the elections in which he faced off against Hernández.

“In Honduras, once again, @Almagro_OEA2015 has paid tribute to the objectives the US is pursuing in Latin America: preserving its military hegemony, and holding our democracies hostage,” remarked Morales in another tweet.

Translation mine.

Yeah, that’s right, people. Venezuela is the democracy, and Honduras has, ever since the coup of ’09, been a dictatorship. Oh sure, they have “elections” there. With a farcical outcome that’s only to the advantage of one side, and it’s not that of the common Honduran people.

Even sadder, they need foreign leaders like Evo to tell it like it really is. And Evo, as you’ll recall, has experience in tossing out shitty US “diplomats” who couldn’t handle it when the results of a free, fair election turned out not to their own government’s liking.

Bet the Hondurans wish they had an Evo of their own right now.

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