Juicebro’s latest dick move? A bogus harassment lawsuit!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we’ve had a lot of Juicebro stories over the last week or two. With any luck, though, this could be the last we hear of and from him for a while, because he’s now landed in legal hot water…and might even end up doing time for it:

On Tuesday afternoon, right-wing social media personalities Charles Johnson and Mike Cernovich boasted of obtaining a document that would put a senator out of a job.

“Michael Cernovich & I are going to end the career of a U.S. Senator,” Johnson posted on Facebook on Monday.

The senator was Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York, Axios first reported.

But the document was fake. A copy of the document, obtained by The Daily Beast, purports to be draft lawsuit complaint against Schumer by a former staffer. It accuses him of sexual harassment. Schumer’s office told The Daily Beast the document and her signature are forgeries. Schumer’s office said the senator was not in Washington, D.C. or the United States during several dates in the document when he is said to have harassed the staffer.

Oops — ha, ha. BUSTED! So much for the weaponization of outrage.

This is now the third time unlucky for Mikey. He failed to get Sam Seder canned from MSNBC; he’s had no luck getting David Pakman fired either; and I’m pretty sure Senator Schumer isn’t amused by this latest volley of flying monkey shit, for his part.

Even better, the Capitol Police are now on the case. Meaning, we could see a couple of very sheepish trolls doing the humble bumble in orange suits and leg irons before we know it. And won’t that be a pretty sight? The color scheme should go great with Chuckles’ hair, and the silver glints of the shackles will really bring out the grizzle in Juicebro’s douchey chin-scruff.

Best of all, Cerno is, or claims to be, a graduate of Pepperdine University’s school of law. But now we know that he is definitely NOT a lawyer in active practice…because if he were, he could have told Chucky that forging a complaint against the Democratic senate leader was a very bad idea. One that no actual, responsible lawyer would want any part of, even for the lulz.

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