Q. Is Donnie serious about normalizing relations with Cuba?

A. Are you serious? FUCK NO. Look who he wants to send as a diplomat — not even an ambassador, just a “diplomat” — to the island:

The Trump administration has named career diplomat Philip Goldberg to head the all-but-abandoned U.S. embassy in Havana, according to three sources familiar with the matter, at a time of heightened tensions between the United States and Cuba.

Goldberg has lengthy experience in a number of countries, and was described by a U.S. congressional aide on Monday as “career and the best of the best”.

But his appointment may ruffle feathers in Havana. He was expelled from Cuba’s socialist ally Bolivia in 2008 for what President Evo Morales claimed was fomenting social unrest.

“Fomenting social unrest?” That’s putting things a bit TOO “diplomatically”, Reuters. I think you mean that he went there with the intent of fomenting a COUP. Because Goldilocks, if you’ve been reading this blog for that long, you will recognize as having met with some actual Bolivian putschists:

Philip Goldberg (right) meeting with Bolivian putschist Rubén Costas (left)

Yeah, THAT happened. And Evo kicked Goldilocks out for spying, to boot. Goldilocks has been persona non grata ever since. Evo, meanwhile, stuck to his guns, and is still president.

Now, Fidel Castro may no longer be living, but his brother Raúl is still very much presente, and very much presidente, too. And Cuba is still very much aligned with Evo’s Bolivia, and thanks to Donnie’s aggressive belligerence and determination to undo what Obama tried to accomplish in his last year, they’re deeply skeptical of Gringolandia — more so than they have been at any time since the CIA murdered Che Guevara in Bolivia. What are the odds that they will accept this new “diplomat” at this new low in US-Cuban relations?

Oh, I’d say about the same as a snowball’s chance at making it through a Cuban baseball game at any time of year.

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