Alex Jones lies about sexual-assault victims…AGAIN

Isn’t it touching how Alex stands up for Donnie…by flat-out LYING for him? Not only does he purposefully distort what was said and done, but he actually claims that those uppity wimmin weren’t pretty enough to be molested by Drumpf in the first place.

By now it should be abundantly clear that rape has nothing to do with a woman’s looks. Hell, I’ve been assaulted while fully clothed and in baggy clothes at that. And I’m no Miss Canada.

But that’s the thing: I didn’t have to be.

Infants have been raped. So have elderly women in nursing homes, and injured ones in hospitals. Mentally ill, homeless, incarcerated…all fair game to the opportunistic molester. Hell, even corpses aren’t sacred! Really, the only criteria one has to meet in order to be a rape victim are to be physically present, and preferably female. Everything else just doesn’t matter…because it’s about power, not attraction. Psychopaths like Donnie don’t feel attraction to people at all. Only to the power they get in putting one over on somebody else…someone whose liking and consent they never even bother to get. Because they really do think they’re above such lowly human considerations as that.

And for Alex Jones to deliberately fail to grasp that…well, it makes him something even worse than Donnie. It makes him an enabler. Rape culture thrives on shit like this. He has a legally sanctioned right to lie, while victims don’t even have the right to speak. At least, not without some random asshole on the Internet twisting their every word to mean the exact opposite of what it actually does.

And people wonder why rape victims don’t speak out in a “timely” manner?

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