Donnie can dish it out, but can he take it?

Of course not. Wanna know just how thin that crepey orange skin of his is? Get a load of this:

Isn’t that special? The little snowflake is crying like a cuck because someone painted a less than flattering (and quite believable) portrait of what goes on inside his White House of Horrors. And he wants to change the libel laws in the US, no doubt to benefit himself, as a result of that.

Now, I’m Canadian, and I’ve actually studied journalism, so I have some rather more nuanced views on what can and should constitute free speech, and what cannot and should not be protected as such. Nazis denying the Holocaust, and calling for the wholesale murder of Jews, Muslims, and anyone else they don’t like? Clearly indefensible. We actually have hate-speech laws up here curtailing that. Denying an apartment to a non-white renter, simply on the basis of skin color? Again, indefensible; human-rights laws exist to counter that. Falsely reporting a news story, so that actual harm results? Again, indefensible. And it’s not only covered by hate speech laws, but also journalistic ethics. (It is still covered by a law against publishing false news, but has come close to being eroded, thanks to an outcry over actual Nazis doing just that. In the name of Freeze Peach, ganz natürlich.) Opinions that are less than flattering to their subject matter, though? Well, that depends. As long as your opinion column is founded on fact, fair comment rules apply. Malicious, deliberate misrepresentation can (and should) get your ass sued for defamation.

But, again: That’s up here. We don’t have a First Amendment. And even the First Amendment, which applies in the US, has its own common-sense limitations. Yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre when nothing’s actually burning is one; fighting words, i.e. deliberate incitement to violence, is another.

So. What are we to say when Donnie Drumpf, who is the victim of neither a false cry of fire, nor of actual fighting words, starts falsely crying fire himself…and lobbing fighting words at the head of anyone who incurs his wrath? Anyone such as, for instance, one Michael Wolff, author of a recent runaway bestseller whose publisher is racing to keep up with demand?

Well, we could say what Jeff says above, and what I say too: Donnie, fuck your feelings! Who the hell cares if you’re less than chuffed at the all-too-believable contentions of Mr. Wolff? Get over yourself already. You do not get to rewrite the laws so that only flattering bullshit that blows sugar up your corpulent ass is allowed. If you got to blow the ol’ Nazi dog-whistle and incite violence against any of your detractors who dared to crash your campaign rallies, then you also have to swallow an unflattering book. If your followers, like that useless idiot Milo Fucking Yiannopoulos, are allowed to hold Nürnberg rallies in karaoke bars (at least until the bar’s owner and staff decide that this is lowering the tone of the neighborhood, and exercise their own legal rights to throw the bums none too gently out), well, then you have to accept that your opponents (who are far more numerous) also have a right to freely express themselves in contradiction of anything and everything you say.

And yes, sometimes that response is going to come in the form of a punch that knocks Dickie Fucking Spencer’s fashy haircut momentarily askew, because those who incite violence have no right to complain when it comes back to bite them. Other times, it will come in the form of a book that won’t cause any physical damage, unless a hardcover copy of it is lobbed directly at Donnie’s ridiculous comb-over.

And either way, it will be fair game, because guess what chronic pathological blustering liar has effectively made it so by eroding all pretense to decency and civility?

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