Donnie’s election: A yuge mistake, and other revelations

I can see that I simply HAVE to buy Michael Wolff’s upcoming book. So many wild and woolly revelations! Here’s one:

How about THAT, eh? Donnie, the man who loves to win, and thinks he is even when he’s losing out the wazoo, actually expected to lose…and was even counting on it! And poor dear Melania, who obviously only signed on for his moneybags, actually having to become a FLOTUS? And have her sham marriage out in the public eye for all to see? OUTRAGEOUS! (Ha, ha.)

And this alone makes that book worth buying…namely, Donnie’s reaction to it all:

Now you know why he’s bragging that his nuke button is bigger than Kim Jong-un’s. He’s got to overcompensate SOMEHOW. All he’s got are empty boasts and yuuuuuuge effin’ lies. Behind the curtain, there’s a fat old man living on borrowed mafia money, with a fake tan, a bad comb-over, and a teeny weenie.


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