Douchebag Donnie’s seduction technique is…um…

…really rather awful, don’t you think? I mean, just listen to this:

Yeah, that’s right…he attempted to pry them away from their husbands by letting them listen in on his speakerphone while he dangled other women in front of the husbands!

He seriously thought that the way to get into a woman’s pants is to openly advertise the fact that he himself is a cheating douchebag, and that he’s not above trying to corrupt her lawfully wedded spouse into being one, too? In what bizarro world is that going to do anything but backfire? Because any woman with an ounce of self-respect and an understanding of the dangers of STDs is going to stay far away from the man who brags that he’s flying in some “girls from LA” or wherever just for the purposes of sex…never mind that he also offered them to her spouse while she was listening in on the phone call! In NO way is such a man ever desirable. Nobody loves a fuckboy, much less an over-aged fuckboy! (And if he tried to push his luck anyway, wouldn’t that be sexual assault? Because it’s not just duress that makes a rape, but also deception…)

I realize I’m probably not speaking for every heterosexual woman here, and maybe this is why I’ve never been married, but if I were, and my husband had a friend who acted like this toward him and me, I’d be giving Dear Hubby an ultimatum: Either find some new friends, or find a new wife. Yeah, that’s right: I’d make no secret of what I’d heard, and no bones about what I expect in terms of spousal behavior. Anything less than a categorical refusal to cheat on me is not good enough.

And if he didn’t divorce the douchebag buddy who dangled other women in front of him, his next conversation with me would be through my attorney. As the old saying goes: Better to be alone than in bad company.

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