FUX Snooze can’t report on Donnie’s “affair” with Stormy Daniels? WHY?

Gee, imagine that…FUX Snooze killing a grotty story about a political candidate paying hush money to cover up his affair with a woman whose JOB was humping with random yutzes for the benefit of the wankers of the world and their crapitalist overlords. You’d think such a story would be right up their alley, and you’d be right…IF it were someone with a D after their name. Or if it were an actual, bona-fide LEFTIST. Remember that woman, Ms. Lewinsky? They were all over that like the fly maggots on shit…which, to be frank, they are. And if this were any politician with a D after his name, they’d be dwelling in salacious detail on every bump and grind, and probably put screenshots of the porn actress’s fake O-face behind the breathless, fake-shocked anchors, too. They might even snicker at the “textbook generic” bit, and slyly insinuate that Democrats and/or socialists don’t know how to do the Deed, because FREEDUMB. Or some such.

But since it was Donnie, they hushed it all up. That’s hinky as hell, especially considering how they have all the time in the world for criticizing OUR pro-choice prime minister, even though he’s none of their damn business and ditto our total absence of anti-abortion laws.

Of course, it’s no secret that they’d be bending waaaayyyyy over backwards to protect Donnie and his nonexistent good name while slamming Justin Trudeau, who is by all accounts very happily married. They are shameless, hypocritical sleazeballs who slyly cater to the worst in men while expecting totally unreasonable standards of women. They’re constantly making noises about how “immoral” everybody else is while running a veritable rape room at the office. Just like Donnie.

So of course they’d suddenly get all puritanically silent about this pudgy, thrice-unsuccessfully-married old man, who’s infamous for grabbing random female crotches whether those crotches’ owners are interested in him doing so or not (and they’re mostly NOT). They’d be silent as the grave about him chasing a not-exactly-enthused Stormy Daniels around the room in his tighty-whities. And they’d gloss right over the icky incestuous Ivanka angle, too. Because they’re the US’s moral authority channel, don’tcha know? And because he’s just such a model of a modern moral monster.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert wasn’t so shy…

…but then again, he’s a funnyman who isn’t being paid to kiss anyone’s ass (much less slip it the tongue or spank it with a copy of Forbes), so why would he NOT report on this?

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