Gavin McInnes is obsessed with Michael Wolff’s sexual orientation, but why?

Correct me if I’m wrong here, folks, but doesn’t this bearded aging hipster dude sound like somebody with…you know, a wide stance?

Holy crap, Gavin…obsess much?

And funny how it’s always these arch-macho (supposedly) super-straight guys. Alex Fucking Jones is like this too. In fact, the entire far right spends more time obsessing over gay sex than any gay guy I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen plenty.

Y’know, now that I think about it, there’s something wrong with Gavin McInnes’s face, too. Namely, the mouth is moving and noises are coming out, and they have zero bearing on reality, but they all sound remarkably like a closet door creeeeeeaking, and at least a hundred skeletons in pink tutus dancing the Watusi in cha-cha heels right behind it.

Anyone THAT obsessed with proving how totally-not-gay he is would have to be what one of my fabulous friends calls an Unhappy Cocksucker. He’s seen his share of them. They’re all charter members of the Cult of Ultra-Masculinity. They haunt the gay bars like hungry ghosts. And they deny it even when you show them photographic proof. Remember George Rekers?

And yes, there IS something wrong with that. Especially if you’re propping that closet door shut with a wife and kids, as Gavvy-poo is doing. It’s not Teh Ghey…it’s the HYPOCRISY, stupid.

(And oh yeah, it’s the cowardly, cucky “we are not Alt-Right” fascism, too.)

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