Pope shames sexual abuse victims in Chile

This is so awful, it simply MUST be seen to be believed:

And yes, the entire incident was caught on tape.

So yeah, while Pope Frankie is a cool dude in some respects, he still has a long way to go when it comes to no longer covering the church’s ass. In fact, so does the whole damn Vatican hierarchy, and every diocese too. Because I guarantee you that every Catholic bishop has covered up a child sex abuse scandal SOMEWHERE. And they did so on orders from Rome. Watch this if you don’t believe me…

Yes, there actually IS an old papal encyclical that insists that child sex abusers (and sexual abusers in general) be not prosecuted according to the laws of the land, but moved about from parish to parish…and if they reoffend, they get retired to priestly rest homes to pray their “sins” away, rather than defrocked and handed over to police.

I don’t think you could call it anything other than sickening.

PS: And on a somewhat related note, I need to add Linden MacIntyre’s book that he mentions above, The Bishop’s Man, to my to-read list, because it deals with this on a not-entirely-fictional level.

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