While a Palestinian girl sits in jail, Newsweek paints her captors as victims

Jimmy Dore points out the hypocrisy of the major media, who paint Ahed Tamimi as “no angel” (sound familiar?) while her country’s occupiers kill one cousin of hers after another, and shoot her brother in the head. And they make her out to be the villain for smacking a soldier who roughed her up?

BTW, what Steph, a former teacher, says near the end about teaching Romeo and Juliet to high schoolers, shouldn’t be missed. The occupation of Palestine has a lot in common with the Capulet/Montague feud in Verona. And Ahed is the same age as I was when we studied that play in high school. Bear in mind that Ahed can’t even go to school without passing through military checkpoints.

But yeah, she’s totally no angel!

PS: Here’s another example of the awfulness of major media reporting on Israel and Palestine, as exposed by Jimmy & co.:

Shameful. Just SHAMEFUL. Who’s worse: self-righteous authoritarian snotball Nikki Fucking Haley, with her barely-veiled threats and her lies about what “the American people” want (on which they were NOT consulted), or the media for defending this pile of shits?

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