Dems blame Bernie for WHAT, now???

I knew something stupid was afoot last night when a Facebook friend had an “I hate Bernie because REASONS” meme in her feed. And lo and behold, there it is. First they blame Bernie — who could have WON them an election, had they had the sense to run him instead of Honduras Coup Hillary — for “costing” them an election. Now it’s this. And of course, it’s all bullshit. Have they no shame? Next up: Jill Stein is a secret Russkie! Oh wait, they’ve already shot that wad, haven’t they?

Meanwhile, here’s where Bernie REALLY stands on gun control. As you can see, he differs from them on some points, but he’s not exactly an NRA puppet. But even in the primaries, the corporate Dems were trying hard to discredit him on this issue. And failing.

There really are no words for how loathsome and venal these people are. Party unity? Only behind the “right” guys…and Bernie, with his socialistic tendencies, is clearly not in with the machine.

And then they wonder why they get nothing done on this issue, no matter how much they talk about it.

Yeah, I wonder too.

PS: Oh, looky here. I found where all the hate for Bernie is coming from. He decided to finally hold the party accountable for its own faults, and they can’t stand it! And of course, rather than taking a lesson from it and improving their own policies, they chose to attack him instead. The good ol’ circular firing squad has started up again, in other words.

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