Ivanka, butt-covering bimbo in chief…

Look at this woman’s face. Unbelievable:

That, folks, is the glossy, well-practiced smile of a professional liar. And why wouldn’t she lie? After all, she’s very likely among her own father’s victims.

Now, I can totally understand why a sexual-abuse victim who’s economically dependent on her abuser would cover for him just to save her own skin, but Ivanka is supposedly her own woman. Married to someone else, with a business allegedly her own (and from which she has not divested himself, even though she’s legally required to do so in light of her very public job). Why is she STILL covering for him, and so damn cravenly at that? She can, and SHOULD, quit that job and have nothing to do with the White House, for the public good as well as her own. She’s not a real advisor, as she can’t give advice for shit. If she were that, she ought to tell her old man to step down and face justice at long last. Or at least quit her job (paid, unpaid, who the hell cares?) in shame at what she’s become.

Yet there she is, smiling and lying her ass off, and verbally spanking a reporter for doing a reporter’s job — asking questions in the public’s interest. She’s really effin’ stupid, but she’s also quite shameless about it. You know what that makes her, don’t you?

Yup. It makes her COMPLICIT, a word we already know she’s never bothered cracking a dictionary to find and understand. But you know what ELSE that makes her?

Yup. It makes her an airhead. A bimbo. Someone whose only real job is to smile for the cameras and shill whatever she’s told to shill. Without questioning for an instant whether the product is actually foul.

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