Nazi trolls are gaming YouTube…

…and the proof is in, courtesy of the Young Turks and Alt-Right Leaks:

There isn’t a lot to add to this except the following:

WHAT A SAD FUCKING BUNCH OF LOSERS! They don’t have any real clout or following, so they have to make up a fake one with 99 sock accounts for every real, verified one, and then spam YouTube videos with dislikes and fake comments to make it look like their videos are doing better, and their opponents’ ones are doing worse than they really are? That’s so pathetic!

On the plus side, that’s actually heartening, too…because it means that in real-world terms, these people are weak as watered sauce. Their fake cyber-presence is all they have. They don’t have the numbers at the polls, and that’s where it really counts. Gaming YouTube’s algorithms is the best they CAN do, and once those algorithms change to weed out the sock-factories, they’ll be right back to square one.


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