Patrick Brown backs down

He’s suing CTV for “libel”, i.e. doing the media’s job of actually REPORTING THE NEWS? That’s chutzpah for ya.

BTW, if you’re going to go that route, pal, you might want to sue the Toronto Star for exposing your crooked ass, too…

Patrick Brown personally directed his top party officials to “get me the result I want” in a Tory nomination that has been the subject of a police investigation into alleged fraud and forgery, the Star has learned.

The former Progressive Conservative leader emailed specific instructions to Bob Stanley, then the party’s executive director, and Rick Dykstra, then PC president, five days before the nomination meeting in Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas.

“Let them all fight it out. And get me the result I want. But no disqualifications here. Kitchen is too hot,” Brown said in a May 2 email exchange that is now in the hands of Hamilton Police.


The email exchange obtained by the Star was part of two banker’s boxes of evidence handed over to police detectives by the Tories on Oct. 27.

Federal prosecutors have been assigned to the case.

Oh yeah, and there are still those two women who have allegations of sexual assault to answer, too. Can’t wait to see how THAT pans out.

So long, Pattycakes. Don’t let the door hit you where your mama done split you.

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