Republic of Florida: Most pathetic terrorist group EVER.

For those who thought that these guys were just some bunch of politically-incorrect-but-harmless “it’s okay to be white” guys…sorry, but they’re not. They are TERRORISTS. They were TRAINING terrorists, as “lone wolf” sleeper agents (who are neither lone, nor truly sleeping, EVER). And one of them took them at their word. At first, they say that yeah, he was one of them. But then, unlike Daesh (which claims every terror incident they can, even ones with no links to them), they wuss out of it when it becomes apparent that they are in deep shit for their ties to a very real, very demonstrably one-of-them terrorist.

And these dumbass chickenshits call themselves the Master Race, and think they are the future of an “ethnostate”? It is to laugh.

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