Russiagate: Just 90 trolls with a shaky grasp of English, shitposting

Jimmy Dore nails it to the wall, again…and yup, he’s got receipts, as usual:

And he got them from an impeccable source, too. The New Yorker‘s Adrian Chen, who actually investigates internet trolls for a living (remember how he broke the story of Violentacrez, the most infamous troll on Reddit?) has done his homework on this womp-womp. Suffice it to say that this is NOT Pearl Harbor, or 9-11, or anything even remotely close.

In fact, it doesn’t even come up to the sniffy “standards” set by Lord Ha-Ha or Tokyo Rose. When a tweet about Hillary Clinton’s sex life only gets nine likes and three retweets, that’s a pretty dismal showing. Most likely, the troll farm in this instance was not about “swaying the election” at all, so much as it was simply about fishing for eyeballs and then feeding them good ol’ commercial spam once they were hooked.

And it didn’t even do THAT well, either.

But hey! If you fell for “Veterans US” on any social media platform, and spread their shit around, congrats. You’re a dumbass. Maybe not, as Jerry Nadler would have it, a traitor to the land you claim to be all about, but definitely a dumbass. You stand for nothing, but fall for everything, including some barely-literate-in-English spam from overseas. You are a stupid person, and you should feel stupid.

And if this kerfuffle has not made you resolve to be more media-literate and skeptical in the future, you may as well admit that you’ve wasted your new year. Because someone’s counting on you being the dimmest bulb in the string, and it’s not the Russkies…it’s the home-grown con-men who are all too happy to take money and other help from any mafioso or clown who’s willing to give it to them.

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