Cops Behaving Badly: Shitty cop arrests ex-wife, feels Streisand Effect

Dear Corey King: Don’t you feel like a piece of shit for letting your petty ego run away with you like this?

The whole thing began in January 2015, when Anne King posted a short Facebook status expressing frustration that her ex, Corey King, refused to drop off some medication for their children on his way to work.

“That moment when everyone in your house has the flu and you ask your kid’s dad to get them (not me) more Motrin and Tylenol and he refuses,” she wrote, adding an “overwhelmed” face to the post.

Some of her friends chimed in, including Susan Hines, who referred to Corey King as a “POS,” saying, “Give me an hour and check your mailbox. I’ll be GLAD to pick up the slack.”

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Anne King, her ex-husband told her to take the post down. When she initially refused, he posted a screenshot on his own Facebook account.

The ex-husband then filed an incident report and, according to his own admission, requested an arrest warrant because of her “derogatory statements.”

The arrest warrant, as noted in the complaint, said: The “subject did, without a privilege to do so and with intent to defame another, communicate false matter which tends to expose one who is alive to hatred, contempt, or ridicule, and which tends to provoke a breach of peace.”

The next day, a Washington County court magistrate issued warrants for both Anne King and Hines.
The women were charged with “criminal defamation of character,” processed and spent about four hours in jail before posting $1,000 bail.

At their hearing, state-court judge stated there was no basis for the arrest and the case was dropped.

“I don’t even know why we’re here,” the judge said, according to the complaint.

And then the big dumb galoot goes on to top himself by claiming it wasn’t him, it was the judge’s fault for signing the arrest warrant! Even funnier, the charge is based on an archaic law that was struck from the books in 1982.

And the best part is, there was nothing defamatory about it all. In the event of libel or slander, both stating an opinion is considered a legitimate defence. Anne King said that she was “feeling overwhelmed” because her son was sick and their father wasn’t even lifting a finger to fetch some meds from the drugstore:

Are women going to be arrested for being overwhelmed by their maternal burdens, now?

As for what her friend said, it may have been nasty, but telling the truth is also a legal defence, and it was proven true by subsequent events. Who BUT a total wanker would order his ex-wife and her friend arrested, just for noting that he was a piece of shit because he wasn’t helping to look after his own sick child — even though it would only have taken a few minutes out of his busy, busy day to pick up some pills and leave them in the mailbox? Yeah, I can see how that would be embarrassing, and why he would want to keep the whole world from knowing what a piece of shit he is. Even though the whole town probably knows it already.

He could have gotten it taken down without making a fuss, but he decided to “hang it on the big bell”, as my German mom would say. First he took a screenshot and posted it to his OWN Facebook page, which was pretty damn dumb, because if he’s trying to defend his own character, that’s just advertising his own lack thereof. Then he filed an incident report. And then he hauled her off to jail with the help of a so-called judge who hasn’t even been to law school (yes, that’s allowed in Georgia) and is totally ignorant of the law — which, if he’d studied any, he would have known didn’t allow for that!

And now that big dumb bell has rung, and can’t be un-rung. Ding, dong!

Now, instead of just one li’l ol’ Georgia town knowing what a jackass you are, the whole fuckin’ WORLD knows! Good job, Deputy Dawg!

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