Does the NRA own the DCCC?

You’d be forgiven for thinking as much, after seeing this:

Thoughts and prayers, people…thoughts and prayers! Who does that remind you of?

Meanwhile, the same DCCC is also busy smearing Bernie Sanders as…you guessed it — a GUN NUT. They really have no shame. They’ll take their cues from the gun lobby (and who knows how many dollars, too), but they won’t actually do a thing to stop REAL gun nuts.

They won’t bring in sensible gun controls, even though three-quarters of US citizens want them, because the corporate gun lobby owns them. Just as they won’t bring in single-payer healthcare, even though the same majority of US citizens want that, because the corporate lobby owns them. THE CORPORATE LOBBY OWNS THE DCCC.

And that’s what makes the DCCC so goddamn dangerous.

PS: Well, looky here. There’s a progressive resistance underway against the DCCC and its corporate bosses. People are finally up on their hind legs about this! I don’t want to speak too soon, but…maybe there’s hope for the US of Amnesia after all.

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