Red-baiting: Epic fail on both sides of the pond

Michael Brooks dissects two absolutely awesome clips: one from British TV, the other from the Virginia state legislature in the US:

What do the two have in common? They’re splendid examples of how red-baiting is still in fashion among the ignorant, but it’s getting hammered (and dare I say, sickled?) by those who are not so fucking stupid.

In the first instance, Jeremy Corbyn’s perfectly above-board meeting with the then-Czechoslovak ambassador (whose job, as a diplomat, was to liaise on behalf of his country with the politicians and people of the country where he was sent — and who, as an official representative of his country, had to be accepted in advance by the government of the UK) in the bad old days of Maggie Milk-Snatcher Thatcher was used to smear him by a Tory snotball who probably was in diapers back then. It backfired on him spectacularly when both the host and his political opponent ganged up on him with the hammer (and sickle!) to mow him down with the facts. A brilliant example of how journalism SHOULD be done, should any of you dull media crapagandarati be out there taking notes as to why “objective” all-sides parroting isn’t actually REPORTING. When someone is lying, it is your job to say “that’s bullshit” and then present what really happened. It is not your job to just let them lie unchallenged and pray that the public will do the real sorting-out of facts for you.

And that goes for red-baiting in particular. It’s a tired strategy whose day is DONE.

BTW, here’s more from the same show about the second piece, the Virginia clip, in which it appears in full context:

Lee Carter, the Democratic Socialist in front speaking on why public/private “third way” hokum is failing, doesn’t see the juvenile stunt going on behind him with the iPad, because he’s too busy advocating on behalf of poor folks…but the rest of the world now has. And they’re not laughing with the corporate shill (he works for Verizon when not sitting in government!) who did it…they’re laughing AT him, because he is going to get primaried SO FUCKING HARD. That sort of shit may have flown in Ronnie Ray-Gun’s day, but nowadays, it is just begging for a shootdown. Which is why the juvenile turd, Mark Keam, has had to apologize for it.

But the apology comes too late. Especially since we already know that the private sector has not been good for the public, but has fleeced them at every turn…and the public is now getting wise to the fact.

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