The fantastic bombast of Wile E. Pickle

Sam Seder & Co. send up this bogus “doctor” and snake-oil salesman in — well, not quite GRAND style, but guess who was grandiose?

Yes, that’s right…Wile E. — sorry, Sebaaaaastian Goooooorka, sooooooper-genius, Alfalfa Male, shitty parker of Mustangs…and now, apparently, also a part-time televangelist with three wheels hanging off a cliff.

Meanwhile, here’s the Man of God behind the scenes:

Goodness me, he’s rather a large lump, isn’t he? And there he is, shoving around a much smaller reporter…who happens to be the one who exposed his illegal parking, among other things.

I guess it’s safe to say God-Man Gorka has a grudge.

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