Tillerson gets the boot

Farron Cousins gives the best possible quick-and-dirty summary of this whole latest Drumpfian rearrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Here’s Tillerson himself:

He sounds a wee bit shaky. And no wonder: He found out he was fired from Twitter. (His assistant was also fired.) Imagine having a boss so unstable and capricious that this is how you find out whether or not he likes the way you’re doing your job. Still think the ultra-capitalist model is a great way to run a government?

On the plus side, Venezuela can breathe easy; he’s no longer in a good position to stick them up for their oil. On the minus side, the whackjob former CIA director, Pompeo, is now about to take Tillerson’s place, and that means the dirty trickery from Washington is still on. And as Pompeo is being replaced by one of Dubya’s black-site torture overseers, don’t look for any real, substantive changes anywhere.

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