Bruce McArthur’s 8th victim has been identified

Toronto police detective sergeant Hank Idsinga gives a press conference in which the identity of a “John Doe”, shown in photos taken from the hard drive of Bruce McArthur’s home computer, is now revealed. The victim is Kirushna Kumar Kanagaratnam, a 37-year-old Tamil from Sri Lanka, who arrived in Canada in 2010, and is believed to have been killed in 2015. This brings the total count of identified victims up to eight, and of Tamil victims to two (Skandaraj Navaratnam was also a Tamil). So far, no ties to Toronto’s gay community have been established for this victim. The whole story of how he came into the hands of Bruce McArthur has yet to unroll, but his body was found along with the dismembered remains of the other seven known victims that were disposed of in planters in Toronto.

PS: Here’s more on this latest victim to be identified.

It is, indeed, a sad story…of a refugee who came here seeking a better life, and found a violent death instead. And one that will only get sadder as this case unravels.

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