Do you know this thug?

If you have seen this man and can identify him, Stormy Daniels and her lawyer would love to know who he is:

And yes, I do believe that she was threatened by someone working for and on behalf of Donnie Drumpf. The man’s mobbed-up to the gills. He’s also a well-known marriage cheat. Why would he NOT hire somebody to stalk and threaten Stormy if he feared that she would blow what little was left of Donnie’s fake respectability to the wind’s twelve quarters?

And Donnie’s fake respectability has always rested on shaky pilings. Just look at this:

A day before appearing on “The View,” Daniels attended a Manhattan court hearing centering on materials the FBI seized from [Trump’s lawyer Michael] Cohen in a raid last week. Federal authorities are investigating Cohen for possible bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations, and they have sought records relating to his involvement in settlements with women.

Ah yes, that Michael Cohen. The man who we now know arranged the hush-money payment of $130,000 US to Stormy in 2016, just before Donnie “won” the election…and after the “affair” was over. Looks like Mikey’s got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do, especially about how he managed to get his hands on that amount, just to hand it over to Stormy. But don’t call it hush money, and don’t you dare insinuate that Donnie was paying her not to shop out her story to any publisher who expressed interest!

But long before that, THIS is what happened to Stormy (who, incidentally, had NOT taken payment for her trysts with Donnie at the time they were carrying on):

During her television appearance, Daniels recounted in greater detail the story she first shared on “60 Minutes” about a man approaching her as she was preparing to go into a fitness class with her baby daughter. According to Daniels, while she was still standing in a Las Vegas parking lot, the man walked up and said: “That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.” She also said he told her to leave Trump alone.

Daniels said she never took the claim to police, and she has not provided any public evidence or corroboration. On “The View,” Daniels said that after being threatened, she took her daughter toward the “mommy and me” fitness class. When she appeared shaken, Daniels said, she lied to an instructor who checked on her, saying the child’s diaper was full and leaking.

She defended not telling the police, saying that if she had, her story about Trump would’ve emerged “and then the whole world would’ve known.” Daniels also said she did not want to tell her husband about the threat.

“I was just afraid, and I didn’t want everyone to know,” she said Tuesday. “I didn’t want my family to find out that way. I didn’t want my life turned upside down.”

Daniels said she did tell other people about the threat, including family members, friends and people with whom she worked, but she did not identify any of them.

Randy Spears, a former porn star who met Daniels on the set of a pornographic movie more than 15 years ago, said he helped Daniels when she was trying to sell her story of her alleged affair with Trump to Bauer Publishing in 2011. He said Daniels didn’t tell him about the threat at the time, but he wasn’t surprised.

“After the story was quashed, if she had an encounter in Vegas,” said Spears, whose real name is Greg Deuschle, “I doubt she would have picked the phone and up said, ‘Guess what, Greg … ‘ ”

Yeah, funny that. Stormy hadn’t been paid for her silence YET, but someone was already stalking her on Mafia Don’s behalf, and threatening her (and maybe her baby daughter, too) with death if she didn’t hold her tongue. And of course, she was scared. She didn’t have a bodyguard then; it was just her and her family, defenceless. Of course she wasn’t about to take that to the cops; anyone who could follow her to a mom-and-baby exercise class could probably come after her as she was exiting the cop shop, too. And maybe even run her car off the road, baby on board and all, and make it look like an accident…

But, like said: This is totally in character for Donnie. He’s well known for his mob buddies. So it wouldn’t surprise me if one of them sent a random thug out after Stormy, just to scare her out of ever telling her story of how Donnie chased her around a hotel room in his saggy undies while poor unsuspecting Melania was adjusting to motherhood at home, alone. I mean, that sort of thing is not exactly good for the image of someone who’s been scheming to be president since at least the early 1990s (and making Melania, to whom he was not yet married, pose in a red bikini on a fake official rug to support the “presidential” image, too).

Not that his image matters much anymore at this point. Every scandal Donnie could possibly have, he’s had it. I’m not sure what he could do to top it, but I’m sure hoping and praying that Syria doesn’t take the brunt of it.

PS: Oh look, Donnie has squawked up about Stormy’s composite sketch of the creep who threatened her. What were the odds? And just as much as I believe her when she says this happened, that’s how much I don’t believe him when he says it didn’t. SAD!

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