U of A is full of oily snowflakes

You would think that an honorary doctorate for David Suzuki — a longtime environmentalist and proponent of science — would be an uncontroversial no-brainer. And in most of Canada it is. But not, it seems, in oil-soaked Alberta, and one of its universities:

It’s kind of to be expected, I guess, that oil companies ARE funding university departments in Alberta, the Land of the Tar Sands. But it’s disgusting to see the way they’re trying to strangle speech and skew the discourse. Maybe because David Suzuki is a scientific heavyweight, and these companies aren’t about science or discourse but all about that oil and that sweet, sweet oil money? So it stands to reason that the department heads they fund are all a bunch of barking poodles. Or oil-soaked snowflakes. Disgusting, but oh, SO predictable.

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