Want a good husband? Don’t marry a conservative. (Redux)

Further to yesterday’s post, here’s a little nugget that came up in my YouTube recommendations this morning:

Yeah, how about that Eric Fucking Greitens, eh? Kidnapping, sexual assault, privacy invasion, blackmail…about all he hasn’t done is knock over a liquor store and get caught with a dead kid naked under his desk. And he STILL has the chutzpah to dig in his heels and refuse to step down!

And oh yeah, he’s like one of those guys I talked about yesterday, too. Complete with the silent little wife and kids to help him build that “respectable” image:

Yes, that’s one of his actual campaign ads. Here’s another:

Cringeworthy, isn’t it? And it sure as hell has NOT aged well. Kind of like Eric himself, no?

And of course, the idiots he was pandering to with that sanitized image have fallen for it…hook, line and stinker:

Some evangelical leaders, who supported him in 2016 along with an overwhelming number of the state’s white evangelical voters, said they had maintained their support for the governor.

Brandon Park, the lead pastor at Connection Point, an evangelical church in Raytown, Mo., affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, said he did not think Mr. Greitens should resign. He supports the governor’s anti-abortion positions, and he says evangelical Christians respect him for his policies. “I see a lot of these personal attacks both on Trump and Greitens as a way to take away attention from the ideals that matter most to evangelical Christians,” he said. “It does seem to be a little bit of a witch hunt.”

“Witch hunt”, Mr. Park? You really should look up the history behind that phrase. You’ll find that the original witch-hunts were all done by “good Christian” men like yourself, persecuting women (and half-grown girls) whom they perceived (or simply slandered) as sexually dangerous.

But I guess history’s not part of your Christian curriculum, is it? At least, not a comprehensive history. Because a comprehensive history would, at least, include a clear-eyed look at how sexually dangerous lecherous men are. Lecherous, self-righteous men.

Conservative men, in other words.

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