Want a good husband? Don’t marry a conservative.

Farron Cousins has the data, which may or may not surprise you, depending:

Yeah, what a shocker, eh? Guys who moralize the loudest tend to have the most to hide in terms of immorality and hypocrisy. The more they preach something, the less they practice it. How else to explain that “pro-life” right-winger who thinks God forgives him for making his mistress get an abortion? Or that lovely “traditionalist” who recently imploded his entire fascist “workers’ party” by brawling with his father-in-law…because he was schtupping his mother-in-law? Or Donnie, who babbles a blue streak about Mexicans and other immigrants (the browner their skin, the worse their supposed morality) bringing rape and drugs with them when it’s pretty clear that he’s done both drugs AND sexual assault himself…multiple times?

It’s no surprise that men with “traditional” views on race, religion, crime and politics tend to be “traditional” in other ways, too. Remember this meme?

Yeah, that’s right. It’s the ol’ double standard. Women have to be “pure” and faithful, but men? They can fuck around to their widdle hearts’ content. Hey, it’s a Traditional Value!

Of course, if you’re married to a “traditional” man, but your own views are not so “traditional” (and yes, note the quotes, there for a reason), it can be a source of friction in the marriage. Why? It’s the hypocrisy, stupid! Hypocrisy is the basis of so much “tradition” that it isn’t even funny. “Traditional” men have a long-standing tradition of one thing in particular, and that’s ENTITLEMENT. (I put it in ALL SHOUTY CAPS so you can’t fail to notice it.) They think they’re entitled to Other Women on the side because they’re just too much of a man for just one woman. And because fucking around is what Traditional Manhood is all about.

But since a trad-man must also have an aura of respectability, that’s where the Long-Suffering Wifey must come in. It’s her job to stand there like a trophy, smiling dumbly while he humiliates her (and himself too, but her most of all). As long as she stands there by him, smiling, saying nothing, he can boff Playboy centrefolds and porn stars to his heart’s content, and no one will call him on it. Were she to suddenly get fed up, and file for divorce, he’d lose face even as she gains her dignity back. Dignity is a zero-sum game with trad-men. If a woman in their vicinity has any, even just a little wee bit, they suddenly have none themselves. And if she gathers herself up and removes herself from the equation, the trad-man is effectively “cucked”…even if no other man is in the picture.

Some might think it’s ironic that men with liberal (or much further leftist views) make better partners in general, and better husbands in particular. But it’s true: The more a man makes the effort to shed male chauvinism (otherwise known as “tradition”) and become a better, more egalitarian and humane soul, the less likely he is to end up cheating, lying, screwing around…and oh yeah, DIVORCED. Just something to consider when you’re looking for a mate. And something worth holding out for, and NOT “giving your political opposite a chance”, too.

Take it from a woman who’s dated her share of conservatoads in the (forlorn) hope of turning one into a prince: Your kiss is NOT magic. You’re never going to turn him into a good partner if he’s not one already. That guy who takes you for granted as his girlfriend, but never shows up for you because he’s too busy running around with other women? He’s gonna do that forever if you let him. The more you put up and shut up, the more you’re going to end up standing there like a fool, grinding your teeth into stumps, getting ulcers and heart disease. And oh yeah, not getting any younger.

Best thing to do with a guy like that is just walk away. Find someone else if you can, and if you can’t, remember: Better alone than in bad company.

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