Even FUX Snooze can’t believe the stupidity of this junior gunsucker

Wowzers. You have to know that you are truly Hardcore Stoopid when even one of the stupidest men on TV, namely FUX Snooze’s own Steve Fucking Doocy, is questioning your idiotic talking points:

But of course, this little twit he’s talking to is blissfully oblivious, because she is even dumber than he…and she’s getting massive cash infusions for her little mini-NRA at Kent State (!!!) from all the usual right-wing stink tanks. (Best comment on the video: “After Neil Young saw this clip and finished cleaning up the coffee he spit out all over the place, he began writing a new song title ‘Brain Dead in Ohio’.”)

And no, honey, you are NOT the victim of racism. Being called out for your white privilege is stating a fact. You are NOT a minority, and calling you out for your right to be stupid while white is NOT “insulting to minorities”. But your hiding behind a black rent-a-cop just might be.

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