Korean peace: Some hard analysis, and some just plain WTFery

First, the hard analysis, courtesy of former US army colonel Larry Wilkerson:

This rings true. I see North Korea coming in much more powerful than the US wants to admit it is, thanks to its nuclear tests. Kim Jong-un may have a funny haircut, but he’s not an idiot. He knows what it takes to stand up to another nuclear power. He’s going to be coming in from a position of strength, and even if he loses his presidency, he’s still going to be highly influential in any unified Korean government that may come to be. That is, IF it doesn’t fall apart like it did the last time this was floated, as could all too easily happen.

Moon Jae-in, on the other hand, strikes me as kind of a bootlicker, and this doesn’t exactly dispel that impression:

‘Course, this could just be a case of topping-from-the-bottom, or crazy-like-a-fox. But still: Isn’t it embarrassing how nobody wants to stand up and tell Donnie to fuck off and let the Koreans settle this amongst themselves? Because that’s the only way lasting peace in Korea is ever gonna happen.

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