Nikki and the Nakba

No, that’s NOT the name of an ’80s punk band. It’s my quick and dirty summation of the massive fuckery that’s going on in the Middle East right now. And here’s Sam Seder to help make some sense of the nonsense:

Yeah, that’s right: Nikki Fucking Haley has blamed Hamas for what is clearly Israeli war crimes. And conflated a broad Palestinian protest with the narrower interests of just one party, too.

But even a slick slime-thrower like Nikki can’t hide the asymmetrical nature of the “war” between the IDF and the Palestinian protesters. Israel feels “threatened” by Molotov cocktails and angry messages written on kites? No wonder they’re killing kids for just throwing rocks at their fucking armored trucks and tanks. The chutzpah!

But here’s the kicker: THOSE KIDS ARE NOT HAMAS. They’re kids. You know, young people with human rights, who deserve to grow up to have a future and a home to spend it in? A home in a land where ancient olive trees grow undisturbed as they have for centuries and the water is clean and drinkable, where the lights are always on in Gaza, and hospitals are not being bombed, and doctors are not being shot? You know, basic things like that. Things that other kids in other countries more or less can take for granted.

That’s what Israel is fighting against here. NOT Hamas. No, they’re fighting against Palestinians, plain and simple.

They’re now in an all-out war to eliminate the Palestinians, and wipe them from the face of Palestine forever. And the timing couldn’t be more obvious: They’ve chosen to do so right around the 70th anniversary of the day the Palestinians call Nakba — the Catastrophe. They’re determined to finish today what they started right after the Jewish Holocaust ended. They’re taking up with the Palestinians, ironically, right where the Nazis left off with them. “Never Again” has turned into “It’s Not Fascism When WE Do It!”

And worst of all, they’re blaming Iran and the local Muslims…who, in ancient times, actually saved the Palestinian Jews from extinction.

But then again, Nimrod there probably only comprehends what can be crammed onto a bumper sticker, so here’s a brief and handy scorecard:

Palestinians = DAVID
Israel = GOLIATH
Nimrata Fucking Haley = a fucking philistine with a very small p.

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