That moment when Alex Jones realizes that his fanboys are deranged

Talk about strange bedfellows, eh? Alex, you may recall, is the same dude who popularized the bogus “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which claimed that a pizza parlor that had no basement had a secret room in the basement where enslaved children were being pimped out to wealthy “globalist” sadists. And then some dude broke into the pizza place (which was, in fact, ONLY a pizza place) with a gun, fired off some shots, and got his ass arrested for it. Alex had to apologize for that.

Apparently, though, he’s quite all right with actual apologists for pedophilia, because there he is, having drinks with Milo (are we still writing it MILO in ALL SHOUTYCAPS, or are we past that now?) Yiannopoulos, who’s probably NOT buying because his last prospective sugardaddy kicked the bucket. And Milo’s the same guy who thinks that pedophilia is A-okay, because he was molested in his teens by a priest and apparently liked it.

But the strangest bedfellow of all, as we’re about to see, is that dude in the hat, making his elevator pitch right when nobody wants to hear it. Least of all Alex, who’s stunned to realize that his “performance artistry” has actually turned some random stranger into a raving lunatic.

Now, if only he could wake up to himself, Alex might actually realize that it’s not socially responsible to sell lead-tainted “supplements” to his fans.

Or wild-eyed cockamamie conspiracy theories, either.

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