Tomi Lahren self-pwns…over and over and over again.

Oh, how sorry I feel for this professionally peeved little idiot. Not only has her own genealogy come back to haunt her (bigly), she’s done other dumb things too in the name of hating on undocumented immigration. Namely, this:

Yup, she advised all her fellow believers in legal immigration…to do illegal shit. Because that won’t backfire or result in any of those oh-so-lawful cons getting arrested at ALL! No, robbing people who legitimately bought their groceries is totally going to make the point that you have to do everything by the book in Donnie Drumpf’s “Papers Please” Amurrica, or else! I mean, self-pwnage totally works for Tomi, so why not all those wankers who watch her?

Or, as a commenter on the video puts it:

The great irony is that these “illegals” are the ones picking the food to put on those shelves…

…because who else is going to do it for the slave wages the crapitalist agribidnesses pay?

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