Alex Jones harasses Bernie Sanders, gets socialism bass-ackwards too

Ho hum. Just another day in the life of the lead-pill sheeple:

Gotta love Bernie. Not only is this evil “king of communism” (that’s an oxymoron, kiddies) schlepping his own luggage and flying coach, he even asks “Who is this?” He doesn’t know Alex, nor does he care. (He also doesn’t enjoy Secret Service protection — what an elitist!) But his assistant knows all too well who Alex is, and runs interference as best he can, while Alex tries to goad him into a fight he clearly isn’t gonna give.

Alex clearly doesn’t understand any of the political issues, because here he is, babbling on about how socialism destroyed Venezuela. Uh, Alex? Socialism didn’t do that. Good ol’ all-‘murrican CRAPITALISM did. Venezuela’s oil is subsidizing your capitalism, and your Freeze Peach right to babble like a moron about being the “proletariat”, which you most certainly aren’t, if your income is anything to go by.

And the funniest part comes at the end, where Alex growls about the left being evil. Uh, Alex? You’re the one who stalked Bernie all the way to Los Angeles. Ever think it might be you that’s the problem?

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