Donnie has another dotard moment…

Just call this “God Bless Embarrassment”:

And if you want to know just HOW embarrassing this is, I’m Canadian, and I know all the words. I can carry the tune, even though I never had to learn it at school. Donnie? You’ll notice how far back from the microphone he was standing, so it wouldn’t pick up just how badly he flubbed it. Good thing he was surrounded by that choir, eh?

During the same lame photo-op, but during the singing of a different patriotic anthem (i.e. the national one), an unknown hero took a knee. White guy, late 20s-early 30s, chubby, bearded. He declined to give his name, but his point was made. When the majority of an invited football team declines to show up for a bit of presidential glad-handing (and gets erroneously slammed for it by FUX Snooze, natch), what is there to do but kneel down in silent prayer and hope the old fool doesn’t blow razzberries at the flag during this pointless “patriotic” rally attended almost solely by his own staffers and interns?

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