Jimmy Dore exposes Thor Halvorssen

…and that “freedom-loving democrat”*, Garry Kasparov, too:

Both of these clowns are seriously out of their depth, and it took a “jagoff comedian”, as Jimmy comically calls himself, to make that painfully clear. Jimmy is, in fact, a comedian, but he’s doing the work of a real journalist, because the accredited press are notably absent here. (At least, insofar as proper, critical coverage is concerned.)

Thor Halvorssen is an oligarch’s brat who hasn’t lived in Venezuela in…oh, maybe EVER, and who’s only too happy to tout the “free world” image of the world’s #1 supporter of fascist dictatorships (regardless of who was in the Oval Office, with the possible, honorable exception of Jimmy Carter, who incidentally certifies the many elections of terrible, horrible Venezuela as free and fair, every single time). A country which happens to suffer from actual third-world, shithole conditions.

And Kasparov? Well, he hates Putin, and he hates communism, but Putin’s no communist. So, what is Kasparov for? Bombing Syria. Because “dictator”! Well, Pooty-Poot is bombing Syria too, but apparently from the wrong side. (Because those Daesh-aligned rebels are the REAL freedom lovers, don’tcha know?)

Oh, and one more thing got exposed here: The Oslo “Freedom Forum”, which has in fact fuck-all to do with actual freedom, just as Thor has fuck-all to do with actual human rights. Jimmy and Ron have exposed it as a sham, which it is.

And a shame, which these “dissidents” apparently aren’t all capable of feeling.

*Note the quotes; as always, there for a reason!

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