Q. What do MAGAts eat?

A. Chicken shit…of course!

ABC 13 WSET reports that a man was arrested by police Tuesday afternoon for throwing what appeared to be a large quantity of chicken dung at the building, which was surrounded by pro-Trump protesters as well as supporters of Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart (R).

Police officials told the news outlet that the man, who has not yet been identified publicly, yelled President Trump’s signature campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” when he threw the dung.

Welp, there’s how you Make America Great Again, in case anyone wondered. You literally throw shit at anything or anyone you don’t like, and leave it to public-sector rescue workers to clean up the mess you made!

So much for that much-vaunted “civility” of conservatives.

So much for any “civility” that we on the left can now be expected to show, too. If this is what we’re dealing with, I think we can safely throw THAT out the window.

“Civility” is a weapon that the powerful wield one-sidedly as they shit on everyone else. They expect it of others, but don’t offer any in return. And when challenged on their meanness and rudeness, they howl about how mean and rude the challengers are. We’re supposed to tolerate their intolerance, and if we don’t, we get a lecture that starts with “See, this is why nobody likes you and blah blah blah….”

Well, fuck that noise. As my best friend pointed out recently, civility is a social contract, and when one side drops their end of the bargain, the whole thing is null and void.

But what is it when the other side has never held up their end of the bargain to begin with? This chicken-shit incident may seem isolated, but it’s not. It’s emblematic of the whole way conservatives have acted to those they have oppressed since time immemorial: Petty, intolerant, mean, and stinkingly RUDE. (And that’s just on their good days; on their bad ones, they’ve been straight-up murderous.) They’ve always treated women as second-class citizens, and LGBT+ people as third-class, and non-whites as sub-human altogether. And they want an untrammelled right to go on doing so forever, too. You can’t have that without “civility”, which demands that we pretend the other side is basically okay even though it’s not.

You think we’ve come far since Jim Crow? Wrong! Lynchings are still going on, but now the “civil” so-called liberal media are too polite to point them out as such. And do you really think fascism could never happen here? Listen, the Nazis marched on Charlottesville just last year, and we all know who emboldened them…and no, it was NOT us uppity socialists and Bad Germans, with our big outspoken mouths. You have only to hear Donnie’s boorish diatribes to know exactly where they all come from, and why they suddenly feel empowered to act like the worst while still expecting to be seen and treated as the best. (Or just read the back of Melania’s cheap sweatshop-made raincoat, fergawdsakes. It reeks of the fascist-occupied part of Slovenia she grew up in.)

If you ever wondered why I no longer take comments on this blog, here’s the reason: Conservatives are all assholes. Every last one of them.

Every time one of them showed up here, it was never to engage in “reasoned debate”, whatever that might mean. It was to troll. It was to shit in my house, on my kitchen floor, and then call ME dirty for it. And sometimes there were actual brigades of them, whipped up by some hatemonger whose blog I have never seen fit to visit or attempt debate upon, for the same reason that I would never use a public toilet that’s broken and filthy, with a stall door that’s off its hinges.

I know from experience what conservatives really are, I don’t consider hate speech to be “free”, and I don’t have the stomach to pretend that chicken shit is rose petals. Fascism isn’t something separate from conservatism; it’s just conservatism taken to its logical extreme, sans gloves. And I have nothing but contempt for anyone who puts up with that nonsense, or cringes and kowtows and whines that maybe the poor maligned fascists have a point. No. No, they do not. And the one on the top of their hooded sheets doesn’t count, either.

So yeah, MAGAts, I don’t feel bad for EVER having been uncivil to any of you. I’m just sorry I haven’t done it as often as I’d have liked. You deserve to be thrown unceremoniously out of everywhere, and tolerated nowhere. The ostracism will continue, unabated and without remorse.

Fuck your feelings.

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