Renata wasn’t kidding…

Dougie really IS ripping her and the kids off:

The late mayor Rob Ford’s estate is valued at $1.1 million, according to documents filed in Toronto estates court in the last few months.

And, shedding further light on a claim by Ford’s widow, Renata, in an explosive lawsuit, her late husband’s estate documents show no indication there has been a detailed accounting of the late mayor’s financial affairs, or any payout to his beneficiaries, two years after his death.

That is one of Renata Ford’s main allegations against Doug Ford, her former brother-in-law. She has stated in court filings, which form part of a $16.5-million claim against various parties, that Doug is in “breach of trust” because he has not fulfilled what she says are his obligations as executor of the estate.


Two court actions related to these matters are playing out at University Ave. courthouses in Toronto. On the east side of University, south of Dundas, is the Superior Court where Renata and her lawyers filed suit against Doug and Randy, claiming that Renata and her two children have been deprived of millions through “negligent mismanagement” of the family business and the brothers breaching their duties as trustees of the Rob’s estate.

Renata alleges that Doug and Randy have used money from their father Doug Sr.’s estate to create the illusion that family business Deco Labels is profitable and a “successful enterprise.”

On the west side of University is where wills and estates are dealt with: estates court, which is also part of Ontario’s Superior Court division. That’s where Rob Ford’s will has been filed.

Ford made his last will and testament on Oct. 2, 2014. That was two weeks after a doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital announced that Ford had been diagnosed with cancer. He was mayor at the time.

Something tells me Renata and her kids may not ever see that cash. Trying to prop up a failing company with a false profitable image? That’s a money pit with quicksand walls.

Oh, and check out what Dougie’s dear old mom is insinuating, too:

In her response Monday to Renata’s lawsuit, Doug’s mother, Diane, made comments about Renata Ford’s “addiction” issues and Doug said it is he who will always be there for his late brother’s children.

Bitchy, bitchy, bitchy! Gee, thanks, Mom-in-law! (Is it too soon to re-mention Robbo’s crack habit and Dougie’s drug-dealing past, BTW?)

And the timing of the whole stinking mess could not be sweeter. We are now literally on the eve of the election. Good luck getting your ass elected Premier, Dougie…you’re gonna need it. And on the off chance it happens, it means that the right-wing voters of Ontario are even dumber and worse with money than you. And they will thoroughly deserve the shit they get.

It would be a damn shame if the rest of us, who are innocent, got dragged down with them.

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