Heroes for Today: Elin Ersson, stand-up student

Want to know what awesome looks like? Well, right now, it looks like this young Swedish woman:

Rosa Parks fought for justice by remaining seated in the front of the bus; Elin Ersson did it by remaining standing in a plane, so that the pilot could not take off. She stood up and stood her ground, despite demands that she sit down, and even despite some rude Brit snatching her cellphone out of her hands. And in the end, others stood up too, supported her, and applauded her.

She had to get off the plane along with the Afghan refugee whose life she saved, but you can see quite clearly that she doesn’t care. Knowing you saved the life of another person (and maybe started something bigger? we can only hope!) is better than remaining on schedule for your summer trip to Turkey, any day of the week.

Brava, Elin! May we all be like you.

PS: Looks like German airline pilots have been quietly doing the same thing. And out comes my little German flag!

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