Sebastian Gorka humiliates himself (again)

Seriously, what is up with this guy? He’s like the most perverse kind of masochist. Donnie has dumped him as a strategist (probably because all the ridicule was getting too much to bear), but still, Wile E. Pickle just keeps popping up (I almost wrote POOPing up, which isn’t wrong either) on news-talk shows, to make a complete ass of himself:

Maybe Donnie still secretly has him on the payroll. Because what does this man actually DO for a living, anyway? He’s clearly not spouting those ridiculous talking points out of the goodness of his heart. His views on refugees show that he doesn’t have any goodness…OR a heart.

No wonder so many people are calling him Count Gorkula. He’s the blood-sucking man-shaped parasite from Transylvania that never goes away until somebody drives a stake through him.

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