Alex Jones whacks off to WHAT???

And gets caught for it:

And makes crap excuses for it, too:

Yeah, NO. Porn pop-ups never appear on a computer, or a phone, or anywhere, UNLESS YOU’RE ON AN ACTUAL PORN SITE. You have to be actively looking for porn in order for it to find you. It doesn’t just grow legs and walk on over to you all by itself. Especially not if it’s something as specific as transgender porn.

This was no accident. Alex was looking at that particular video on purpose, and probably whacking off to it, too. Which is his prerogative, of course — hey, you do you, booboo, but you don’t get to walk away from this and pretend you’re an innocent lamb who stumbled onto this niche porn just by logging onto a smartphone. There are trans people getting killed all over the US of Amnesia because of guys like Alex Jones and the transphobic crapaganda they spew. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least a few killers of trans women, in particular, turn out to be Alex Jones fans who, like their clay-footed idol, are secretly attracted to the very people they claim to hate.

The last thing trans people need is to be fetishized by crack-brained bastards who would rather kill them than admit that trans people are PEOPLE, period. And while trans porn isn’t exactly doing the trans community any favors, the real fault lies not with the supply, but the DEMAND. Trans porn wouldn’t exist if there weren’t any consumers for it. And the consumers, in this case, are extremely dangerous…and their fetishistic hate is being fed by other consumers. Consumers like, oh, say, ALEX JONES.

Yes, it IS funny that Alex got caught with his pants down and a stupid look on his face. And yes, this IS a comeuppance that he has long had coming. Ridicule is a potent weapon against crapaganda, so I’m glad Alex is getting laughed at for his hypocrisy. He’s getting cut down to size, and that can only be a good thing. I’m laughing at him too, but at the same time, I’m mindful that the trans community is vulnerable and in need of all the allies they can get. I doubt very much that porn will help them find those allies. If anything, it caters to their closet-case enemies, as this instance has shown.

Alex Jones is no friend of trans people. I’m glad that he’s no longer on YouTube. Now, he needs to get out of all media altogether. And think long and hard about what he’s doing with his life.

That is, if all that lead in his snake-oil pills hasn’t eaten too much of his brain.

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