DC Metro wastes taxpayer dollars to coddle white supremacists

Ahem. Before we get on with this story, let Sister Rosetta remind you of glory:

Ah, that was great. And now, the not-so-great:

WASHINGTON — Metro closed down a gate at the Vienna station to the general public on Sunday for the “Unite the Right 2” rally participants to have police-escorted access onto a train car, drawing anger from Metro’s union, saying they were lied to.

A few weeks ago, Metro Board Chair Jack Evans said the agency was considering having special trains or cars to separate white nationalists from the public.

After union workers and Metro riders began to react to the controversial idea, Metro said in a statement that they would not offer separate trains for the rally.

Metro’s largest union, ATU Local 689, called out Metro on Twitter saying the agency lied to riders and the public with the decision to close down the gates to the general public after the agency had said that they would not offer separate trains for the rally.

The union said Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld lied to the public “when the truth was more convenient.”

The north entrance of the station was closed to the public and the gates were only opened for Unite the Right participants Sunday after noon between approximately 1:20 p.m. and 1:40 p.m.

One of WUSA9’s photographers was among those denied access to the station as rally organizer Jason Kessler and his group purchased SmarTrip cards and boarded the train bound for Foggy Bottom.

Many took to Twitter to ask Metro why the decision was made to close the gates.

According to Metro, the gates were temporarily closed for “crowd control.”

What a lie. The crowds were piled up outside the gates, so what “crowd control”?

The only way this bullshit makes any sense is if you look at what they were REALLY doing there, namely CODDLING THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS. Because those fragile snowflakes couldn’t bear to be challenged on their fraudulent, fascist bullshit. And because they sure as hell couldn’t be arsed to share their train car with those uppity black folks who refuse to sit in the back of the bus any longer. Why, they might even have to strike up a conversation with those people. Can you imagine? And then they’d have to find out that — gasp!they’re not actually superior to those with more eumelanin in their hides.

And from there, it would logically follow that wanting a “white ethnostate” (translation: genocide of anyone who doesn’t at least outwardly pass as white) makes no sense at all. Because if black people are not so different from white people underneath it all, what would be the point of white supremacy — oh sorry, “separatism”? And what would be the point of their widdle (as it turned out, VERY widdle) “Unite the Right 2” rally, which was supposed to be a grand show of fascist force but turned out to be a downright piddling show of fascist farce?

I sure do hope that the expense of hiring extra security, and cordoning off a train car just for two dozen fashy haircuts, was worth it to DC Metro. And I sure do hope that it will still be worth it when the inevitable class-action lawsuits start to roll in on Metro management, the police, and anyone else behind this shitshow. Because that was taxpayer money — the people’s money — that went toward procuring a secure, separate train car for a bunch of wankers who don’t care about any people other than themselves. And who are, at bottom, determined to wipe all those other people out.

That train ain’t no clean train, that train.

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