Proud Boys: Proud to be Nazis?

Sure smells that way:

This post has since been taken down, and little wonder.

As a German, I have to say I’m utterly insulted by this shameful bullshit. I am an antifascist, as I said yesterday, for reasons good. I’m proud to be AGAINST this shit. I’m not “repressed”, much less a “descendant of people who committed an efficient genocide”.

This shit is NOTHING to be proud of; Nazism is Germany’s greatest historical shame. There is a reason why an entire generation of German schoolkids didn’t learn about the holocaust, and why now, it’s being taught as an embarrassment.

And the only reason these guys don’t see it that way is because most of them are Anglos, and those guys have yet to fully face their own shame…namely, that THEIR genocides (of indigenous people in the Americas, and of black people in South Africa and the US deep south) were the actual models for Hitler’s vile extermination program. Maybe THAT’s what they’re “proud” of?

I think they all need to find new hobbies. Screaming names of cereals while being punched out by the rest of their gang just isn’t cutting it, as far as using their fuckin’ brains goes. Maybe, if they used their heads for something besides punching bags and wig-stands for bad haircuts, they’d realize that German neo-Nazi marches against war refugees are NOTHING to be proud of.

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