Q. How impeachable is Donnie, really?

A: A helluva lot more than even I knew. Really:

And so’s Mikey Pence, because he’s complicit up to his beady little eyeballs:

Unfortunately for Pence — but fortunately for everyone in America who likes women’s rights, their gay uncle Sal, and R-rated movies — his future looks bleak as well. It’s not just Trump who should be worried about his connections to Paul Manafort, or indeed, to the occurrences at Trump Tower or during the transition period between Obama’s presidency and Trump’s.

Now reporters are looking back in time.

According to a New York Times article that ran more than two years ago — as in, while we were all looking, but had no idea what we were seeing yet — Pence was literally hand-picked by Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager whose guilty verdict on 8 counts will combine with whatever he’s sentenced to after next month’s second trial against him for a rather lengthy prison stay.


What’s more, although the news has gone relatively silent on Pence since Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors have taken center stage, there has been talk since the beginning of the Trump presidency of what Mike Pence knew and when he knew it — and whether or not Pence lied in the case of what former adviser General Michael Flynn had told the campaign.

Pence picked by Manafort? The guy just found guilty on eight criminal charges? Yup. Which means that Mikey is impeachable as hell, too.

Like said earlier today: Impeach Drumpf. Impeach Pence. Keep impeaching. Lock the motherfucker up. And the vice-motherfucker, too. Keep locking until they’re ALL locked up. Because they’re a crime syndicate from toppum to bottomus.

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